Welcome back to all!

Welcome back to all of us!

A one-week overhaul of this site took eighteen weeks plus. It is a long story not worth repeating other than to say it wasn’t me working on the site.

If you have never registered for this site — in either format — First thing to do is look above under the header and find Register. Click it and fill out the registration form. Click Submit and watch your eMail. Follow the instructions then watch for eMail from me (Pam) saying you’re approved.

If you’ve previously registered, click above on Log In. Forgot your pass? You can reset it!

Once approved, you can answer posts or create your own topic. Just go to LOG IN above and follow instructions.

Rules and regulations are at the top and in the sidebar. All the categories to date are there in the sidebar.

If you need help, feel free to contact me (Pam). Be specific. “I can’t register” is not enough. “I clicked here (insert link) and this (tell me exactly) happened. If you posted and don’t see it, tell me what you saw after clicking “submit.”

This is a small earning curve for all — me, too! — but have patience, click around, and you’ll learn easily.

Go ahead, express yourself!

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